Stunning Proteas’ exotic blooms in deep pinks, autumn reds, pale greens and delicate whites are so cool we just can’t get enough of them! 

As ancient as they are beautiful the Proteaceae family of plants has over 1600 unique species. They grow primarily in hot dry climates like Australia, South Africa, Hawaii and in the arid mountains of inland Southern California.

Our gorgeous wreaths are a festival favorite and big seller during the holidays and throughout the whole year.  Our springtime bouquets and wreaths remind you that summer (our favorite time of the year) is just around the corner! We deliver locally and ship nationwide. They make wonderful and unique gifts for clients, family and friends, “Welcome to your new home!” surprises, bridal hearth displays and floating funeral wreaths.

Proteas last twice as long in the vase as other flowers and we make lovely Boho bridal bouquets with Eucalyptus, Garden Roses and other flowers. We love them and know once you discover Proteas, you will too!