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National Sales & Operations

John Tomik, Owner
[email protected]
(425) 785-4173

John is our guy for all things big. If you want national sales contact talk to him. If you’re looking to partner in our Lemonade side of things, he’s your guy too. Right now, were working on getting our license to bottle and HPP (High Pressure Process) our Lemonade so we can sell in Retail outlets. He’s also fronting that project. When he’s not on the phone, you can usually find him battling weeds in our flower fields, manning the farmer’s market stands or fixing irrigation lines in our lemon groves.

Marketing, Online Orders, Delivery, Local Sales

Melissa Alvis, Owner
[email protected]
(425) 213-2040

Melissa makes the operation run on a day-to-day basis. She is the person to contact for anything related to licensing, permits, applications, business side inquiries, orders, invoices, deliveries, graphics, purchasing or payroll. In a past life, she was a marketing executive and she uses that knowledge to help package and promote Árvore De Luz citrus and flowers. She can also be found regularly at our farmer’s markets and toiling in the fields with John.

West Coast Sales, Breweries & Small Retail

Erin Rubinich, Regional Sales Manager
[email protected]
(425) 495-7408

Erin is our regional contact for Seattle area clients, particularly for co-ops, small grocery outlets, bodegas and breweries. When she’s not working as a buyer for a national merchandising corporation, she helps us out with sales and social media like pinning her favorite recipes or posting our photos on Instagram. She’s our go-to person for sales inquiries in the Seattle – Tacoma – Portland areas and anything beer or brewery related. Her hobbies include hiking with her awesome son Hamish, playing with her two dogs and drinking the perfect pale ale with a squeeze of Árvore De Luz Meyer Lemon.

All Lemonade Stand Inquiries

Florence, our Lemonade Stand Ambassador
[email protected]

I’m Florence the Founder and President of Flo’s Lemonade. I live in a small town in Washington State. When I was four years old, I launched my small business after my Grandpa surprised me with a lemonade stand. I immediately hired my mom as my first employee, and together we perfected Florence’s fresh squeezed lemonade recipe, made from California grown Meyer lemons! Flo’s Lemonade Stand launched on Father’s Day and has been booming ever since. I’m here to help other young entrepreneurs get started with their own Lemonade dreams! Send me an email and I’ll answer any of your lemonade stand inquiries.

Careers and Internships

We welcome employment inquiries but are especially interested in people with the following skills:

  • Master Gardners
  • Horticulture Students
  • Produce Sales
  • Citrus Specialists
  • Protea Specialists
  • Pickers, Packers and Other Essential Farm Help

[email protected]

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Shipping and Returns

Delivering high quality products to you is our highest priority.

Because of the nature of our products, we cannot accept any returns but if you are unsatisfied for any reason with how your shipment arrives, please contact us at the addresss below and we will work with you on the best solution for you.

[email protected]