Our Story

Árvore De Luz means “tree of light” referring to the inner beauty that shines from all living things and the shimmer of our fragrant Meyer Lemon trees in full bloom.

Our story begins in the De Luz Heights of the Santa Margarita Wilderness in Southern California just above San Diego. But our journey really started over five hundred years ago because that’s how long farming has been in our family.

Our grandmother survived the Great Depression working as a farmhand and I grew up playing in the hand-tilled rows of her organic garden snacking on fresh raw string beans, sweet corn and sun warmed tomatoes. Our great aunt grew fields of stunning Dahlias with flowers bigger than pie plates.

In the hot California summers we canned peaches, sweet as sorbet, from the Central Valley and used black Bing cherries to stain our lips dark red. There is nothing sweeter than tree-ripened organic fruit from California. We want to preserve the history of California’s farming culture and bring back those beautiful memories for a new generation.

At Árvore De Luz we understand the interconnectedness of all things. We believe that local small-scale organic farming is the only way to proceed responsibly and sustainably for the health of all living creatures.

So we bought a farm in Temecula. We turned it into an organic farm. And now we grow organic Meyer Lemons, Eureka Lemons, Valencia Oranges, Tangerines, White Grapefruit and the world’s most stunning flowers – Prehistoric Protea Flowers. You can find us locally at farmer’s markets and festivals or order some of your very own California sunshine from our online store.

Be well and let your inner light shine!

John and Melissa